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FPM Injection, a French industrial partner has been a specialist in plastics injection molding in China for more than 15 years. Depending on your needs, we inject small and large series of technical and appearance parts. Located in the South of Shanghai, we have our own production plant (WOFE). Our company is a certified ISO 2009 and equipped with adapted and inspected means of production (single and bi-material injection presses, machining centers, assembly lines, etc.). It is a gage of confidence for our customers as we control internally, all steps of the manufacture of plastic parts and functional sub-assemblies.

Our primary vocation is, in fact, to supply our customers with competitive and easy to use plastics sub-contracting by means of: 

  • European management,
  • systematic quality control,
  • trusted cooperation,
  • a network of qualified local suppliers,
  • controlled manufacturing costs.

As an expert in plastics engineering, we have great experience in thermoplastics parts injection, plastic over-molding and plastic molding. Multi-material, we transform any type of thermoplastic and elastomer materials; multi-sector, we produce for very varied business sectors (automotive, medical, sports, electronics, sectors, etc.) on all types of plastic parts.

From the design to industrialization

We have two specialized companies (subsidiaries) for the production and development of your injected plastic parts:

  • Prototech Asia: manufacture of prototypes and small run metal or plastic parts.
  • Unimold Asia: production of plastic injection molds and tools.

More than just a plastics injection molding company, we assist our customers from the design to industrialization of their products. Depending on your specifications, we are able to intervene at different levels via our integrated service offer:  

They trust our company

You will find below, several examples of customers who have entrusted us with the production of their plastic-parts and sub-assemblies.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our know-how in China. We are ready to listen to assist you in your plastics injection project.

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