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In addition to our know-how in plastics engineering, we also master all of the assembly processes (manual or automatic) of injected plastic parts and complex sub-assemblies. This step allows several, injected parts to be linked together to form an assembly or to assemble components or accessories to create new features.

Our plastic injection factory in China includes a plastic parts assembly workshop with several modular assembly lines. In this way, we are able to provide you with a complete solution for your injected parts needs (raw and assembled) but also for complex sub-assemblies. Indeed, we can offer you flexible and competitive solutions and can assist you in the different steps of your project. During the part optimization process, our design office directly incorporates assembly constraints. It is also possible for us to produce prototypes or functional small runs upstream. Prototyping allows parts to be produced so as to perform assembly tests for validation.

Prototyping allows parts to be produced so as to perform assembly tests for validation. We also integrate components and supplies. Our purchasing office goes directly to “source” in China with our approved suppliers and sub-contractors. You can also supply us with elements to integrate. 

We perform regular quality control of the production and offer you quality and lead-times in accordance with your requirements and your specifications. Production, assembly and packaging can be entirely centralized in our factory in China.

Assembly lines




Plastic parts assembly solution

In the case where it is necessary to assemble several injected parts to obtain a single finished product, we master all the different processes of the assembly of the plastic parts (mechanical assembly, assembly by gluing, assembly by welding) with the possible constraints of leak-tightness.

Mechanical assembly

The mechanical assembly associated with the different parts involving external components such as: rivets, clips, screws, nuts, etc. These are mechanical assemblies which are permanent or can be disassembled.

Glue assembly

Assembly by gluing is done by the automatic or manual deposit of glue. Once the parts are glued together, it is possible to perform leak-checks.

Ultrasound assembly

Assembly by ultrasound welding is a fast, economical technique that uses high frequency vibrations to weld two parts by means of a welding head.

Sub-assembly production and integration

To go further in the industrialization of your products, in our factory, we perform all of the operations of production, complete assembly, integration and packaging. We can do machining of metal parts in our machining workshop. In addition, in order to facilitate industrial purchases, our purchasing office can procure all of the elements necessary for the manufactures of your products. You can also supply us with your own elements to integrate.

A single supplier for a global sub-contracting solution:

  • Metal parts: precision machining, insertion of inserts (brass, steels, stainless steel), metal parts, etc.
  • Sheet metalwork: manufacture of sheet metal parts, fine sheet metalwork.
  • Electronic components: electrical assemblies, electronic boards, PCB, LED, RFID chips, etc.
  • Mechanical and other components: foams, stickers (plastic and metal), self-adhesive protective films, silicone parts, screws and springs, gears, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) gaskets, etc.
  • Packaging and wrapping: protective foam, blister packs, user notices, closing labels and packages, etc.

Examples of plastic parts assembly

Whatever your business sector, if your product involves mounting and assembling elements or plastic parts to manufacture, we can rapidly provide you with a concrete response and complete solutions for starting production of your parts.

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