Plastic Parts Decoration

We perform most of the finishing operations (graining, plastic chrome-plating, painting, plastic metalizing, marking, etc.) of your injected plastic parts and sub-assemblies. We have the necessary in-house organization and equipment and for certain needs, we work with our trusted local partners. After the injection of your raw parts, we provide all of the desired finishing, as per your specifications, in order to deliver you a “finalized” part with the proper surface state. It is also possible for us to add elements and components to the injected part (see assembly and sourcing section). This post-injection step in fact, allows the part to be “finished” and the final desired appearance to be produced. Our in-house machining center performs all the required rework of certain dimensions, performs tapping, cutting, etc. 

These added-value plastic part decoration operations are interesting to have done directly in China for cost and time savings.

Decoration and finishing operations on plastic parts

Several examples of finishing operations and surface states for your injected plastic parts.


Rework operations (drilling, tapping, milling, etc.)

Addition of elements or inserts

Stamping: marking and logo

Screen printing

Laser, color marking


Industrial polishing

Glossy polishing

Mirror polishing


Texture – charmille


Plastic painting



Chrome plating

Vacuum metalizing

Examples of decorated plastic parts

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