Plastic Injection Molding Design Office


Thanks to our plastic injection molding design office situated in the heart of our factory in China, we offer advanced expertise for all studies upstream of your production projects. Each project goes through our design office. The proximity of the latter provides immediate and permanent collaboration with our production workshops. Facilitated project monitoring as this also allows us to go efficiently from initial prototypes to series production. 

Our team of experts is comprised of 8 CAD designers (Computed Aided Design), 4 CAD/CAM designers (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing), 3 French project heads and 5 Chinese project heads. We work with the latest generation of 3D modeling software (Autocad, Unigrafics, Catia, Solidworks).

CAD optimizations for plastic injection molding:

The work of the design office will allow you to determine the best technical solutions meeting your specifications while optimizing your investment.


Throughout your product and series plastic injection development project. A sole French or English contact person.


Towards the best technical choices as of the start for avoiding bad consequences.


The design of your parts and plastic injection molds for guaranteeing perfect functionality.


Possible constraints, future changes and necessary adjustments.

From design to industrialization


Part optimization and CAD

Our design office intervenes directly on the analysis and optimization of parts for injection.  It is able to perform minor modifications on the 3D designs of parts (clearances, ribs, thicknesses, etc.).


Rheological study

For the best anticipation of possible problems during injection molding, we can perform and supply you with numerical plastic injection simulation studies.


Tool design

Following the analysis of the part, our design office designs and produces the plans for the injection tools needed for the manufacture of the injection tools in the mold workshop.


Plastic prototyping

Prototyping is an essential step in obtaining physical parts quickly. This allows different tests and validations to be performed before beginning the series plastic injection project.

Do not hesitate to send us 3D files for analyze of the ability to mold these parts. We are ready to listen and to assist you in your plastic injection molding project.

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