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Sub-contracting your industrial purchases

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We perform your sourcing of all types of components and elements to incorporate in your assemblies and sub-assemblies. Thanks to our experience and know-how in China, we have a large network of approved and audited suppliers and sub-contractors on which we can rely for competitive purchasing of one-of or specific elements. 

This will allow you to benefit from lower procurement costs and better flexibility in producing your products. In fact, we perform all the procedures for you, and we shall send you samples for validation prior to integration. All of the elements that we procure for you, shall undergo quality and conformity control (as per your specifications and applicable standards). 

Internal purchasing office

Qualified suppliers

Any type of components


Examples of components that we can procure

Depending on the type of project and the constraints of your specifications, we can procure for you, any type of components and elements. They can be electronic or non-electronic, mechanical, packaging, etc. 

Following are a few examples :

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Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our know-how in China. We are ready to listen to assist you in your plastics injection project.

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