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Questions : sub-contracting in China

I wish to produce my parts in China but I do not know how to do it.

We offer sub-contracting solutions in China with possible assistance in the different steps of your project, from product design to industrialization. 

I consider sub-contracting in China but I am not confident.

Sub-contracting in China can be interesting if you find a trusted partner. At FPM Injection, we work in a totally transparent fashion and provide easy communication with a single contact person in French or in English. 

Is it really your factory? Is it possible to have a factory in China?

It is indeed our factory, 100% owned. Our European management and Project heads are in the plant permanently. Therefore, we have control over all of the manufacturing steps for your plastic parts and sub-assemblies.

Can we visit your factory in China?

Yes, it is possible for you to visit our factory in China. Thus, you can discover our infrastructures, our workshops (mold, injection, assembly) and our organization.

Is your factory certified ISO 9001?

Yes, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification. 

Questions : design office

Do you have an internal design office?

Yes, our design office has been in-sourced and intervenes directly on the optimization of the part, the prototype and the design of tools.

Are you able to help us design a part?

Yes, but we need a relatively complete drawing of the part to begin with (general shape, ribs, principal dimensions, etc.). We then offer optimizations to perform and can if need be, propose to produce prototypes which will allow you to perform tests.

How can I know if my part can be injected?

After receipt of your 3D design, our design office performs an analysis of the part, free of charge. We recommend optimizations or modifications if need be.

Can you perform rheology studies?

We can perform studies of filling and deformation.   

Questions : plastic prototyping

Why manufacture prototype parts?

 It is recommended to produce prototypes before starting your series injection. This step in fact allows you to validate your concept (design, materials, functionality, etc.) and to perform any type of test (functional, mechanical, assembly). It will also be quicker and less expensive to perform modifications at this level.

How does rapid prototyping of plastic parts work?

You just need to send us your 3D design and your specifications. We can recommend the most suitable prototyping technology and can start the manufacture of your prototypes within a few days. The latter are delivered to you by express courier and you can perform various tests.

What prototyping technologies do you offer?

Depending on your specifications, we offer different technologies for the manufacture of prototypes and small runs: 3D printing, CNC machining, vacuum casting or plastic injection with a prototype mold.

Questions : injection mold manufacture

Do you manufacture the injection mold yourself?

Yes, all of the injection molds are designed and manufactured in our factory. We have an integrated mold workshop which allows us to easily go from design to manufacture then to the injection of your parts.

What types of mold can you manufacture?

We are able to manufacture any type of injection mold up to 5T: injection mold, dual-injection mold, over-molding mold, multi-imprint mold. We work with different steels according to specifications.

How is tooling manufacture done?

For each plastic injection mold manufacturing project, we begin with an analysis of the part and a mold pre-study to avoid future problems as much as possible and to propose optimizations.

Once a 3D of the part is finished, we begin the study of the mold according to the specifications of the customer. This study will be sent for validation before beginning purchases of steel and machining. During the machining phase, there will be a follow-up every Monday with the latest photos and updated scheduling will be sent.

Then, we go to the first tests. A test report and the injected parts will be sent. We adjust the mold depending on the different comments until validation of the geometry of the part and operation of the tool.

How much time does it take to manufacture the tool?

From reception of your 3D design until injection of the first parts, you must count on 5 to 8 weeks.

How can I be sure of the quality of the tooling?

All of the plastic injection molds that we manufacture, meet European standards for quality. We provide rigorous control of the purchasing steps for components and check more than 200 points of inspection.

How can I be sure of the proper servicing of the tooling over time?

All of the plastic injection molds that we manufacture, are stored in-house and we provide preventive maintenance until the end of production of the parts. If the part undergoes changes, we can perform modifications or create a new version of the tooling. The latter remains your property and we shall supply the 3D mold.

Questions : plastic injection molding

Why use plastic injection molding?

You use plastic injection when the quantity of pieces to produce is large and for obtaining series parts with good mechanical properties. Small run plastic injection will also be favored for certain plastic materials or if the properties of the part do not allow another process to be used (machining for example). 

As of how many pieces should I use plastic injection?

It is recommended to use plastic injection as of 500 pieces and for series up to several million. The injection mold will be amortized depending on the quantities to produce; depending on the type of part and the estimated production volume, we require an MOQ (Minimum order quantity). 

Is it less expensive to perform plastic injection in China?

We offer a competitive alternative in China for your injection projects. There are many plastic injection sub-contractors in China. We stand out by the control, the traceability and the ease of communication.

How can I be sure of the quality/traceability of materials used in China?

We have set up rigorous traceability on the sourcing of thermoplastic materials and on their use during production. We supply you with materials from approved local suppliers and shall supply you with material certificates. We can also send you bags of materials.

Do you have access to all the plastic materials in China?

Yes, today most large material suppliers are present in China. Certain grades can vary depending on the geographical zone but overall are identical on the world sca

How do you determine the unit price of an injection part?

The unit price of the part is defined by the price of the raw material, the production price (hourly rate of the machine by the cycle time) and the price of additional interventions if there are any.

Quel sont vos délais de production ?

Nos délais de production varient selon la complexité des pièces et de la matière d’injection souhaitée. Le premier appel à production peut intervenir après 8 à 10 semaines. Lors du chiffrage le délai d’approvisionnement vous sera annoncé.

What is your weight and size limit?

At this time, we are able to produce parts up to 5.6kg and with dimensions up to 100x100cm.

Questions : decoration of plastic parts

Can you perform marking operations and the addition of logos?

Many suppliers in China adopt a manual process using powdered dyes. It is difficult to obtain the same result in each production. We use granulated standard master dyes. All our presses are equipped with automatic colorimeters. There is no variation of color with this process.

In China, I always have a problem of coloring of plastic parts

Many suppliers in China adopt a manual process using powdered dyes. It is difficult to obtain the same result in each production. We use granulated standard master dyes. All our presses are equipped with automatic colorimeters. There is no variation of color with this process.

Questions : assembly of plastic parts

We would like our product to be assembled in your factory, is this possible?

Yes, that is part of our job. We have several modular assembly lines, a mechanical workshop and an integration zone to meet this type of need.

What elements can you incorporate into the plastic parts?

We can perform the integration and mounting of any type of components according to your specifications. Our purchasing office takes charge of the procurement in China or you can also supply us with the elements to integrate. We can supply electronic components (PCB, chips, LED, screens, etc.) or non-electronic parts (gaskets, silicone parts, screws and springs, gearing, etc.).

Can you incorporate sheet metal parts?

 Yes indeed, we work with local suppliers in the sheet metal industry. We can supply small and large quantities of custom sheet metal parts.

Can you install inserts?

 Installation of inserts can be done directly during injection. This is called over-molding. We can also install the insert after injection (brass, steel, stainless steel parts, etc.).

General questions

Can you arrange transport?

 Yes, we can provide transport for you in DAP or DDP.

What business sectors do you work in?

We inject plastic parts and produce assemblies for different business sectors: automotive, medical, cosmetics, electronics, industrial, etc.

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