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China presents great opportunities for plastics injection parts sub-contracting, especially in terms of competitiveness and deadlines. However, it is very important to choose your partner well, to evaluate the impact of possible barriers such as communication, transparency, traceability and quality control. Indeed, when producing in China, these potential barriers can degrade return on investment, the quality of products and initially forecast production deadlines. 

Why producing in China

Sub-contracting in China, the production of your plastic parts and sub-assemblies for gaining in competitiveness, productivity and for benefiting from local industrial know-how.

Gain in competitiveness

Lower production costs and better control of margins.

Optimize your productivity

Flexible production and accelerated production and logistical deadlines.

Benefit from local know-how

A very dense and varied network of specialized local suppliers.

Working with factories in China has been simplified in recent years and there are many sub-contracting solutions. Having parts manufactured in China allows you to generate added value by working with a good supplier.

plastic assembly FPM injection

Produce in China with FPM Injection

With 15 years of experience in China, FPM Injection endeavors to guarantee you, competitive and easy to use sub-contracting throughout your plastics injection project. For components and other assemblies, we have a solid network of qualified Chinese partners and suppliers. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers and to have in place, a policy of continuous improvement based around four guarantees, essential to the success of your project of plastic sub-contracting in our injection company. Cooperation: “competitive”“qualitative” – “safe” – “facilitated” in order to guarantee the success and the longevity of your project.


Work with a European company in China in full security. We have established traceability internally and externally in order to guarantee you, constant visibility of your parts and injection molds. To do this, we remain the owner of the tools and we guarantee proper maintenance. In addition, the 3D files are supplied to you, the DFN and the prototypes remain with us internally (intellectual property respected).

Ease of working

Each communication and personalized project follow-up with a single contact person in French or in English. You benefit from our expertise and our advice in plastics engineering.

Apart from the plastic part, we simplify your purchases in China of components and other accessories which we assemble.

Quality control

Quality is the key to sustainability and success of a sub-contracting project. In order to guarantee it, we have set up a process according to European standards and rigorous, systematic quality control. We have invested internally in inspection equipment and in the training of our quality control inspectors to allow you to cooperate with peace of mind.


With our own means of production in China and our network of qualified partners, we are able to offer you, competitive prices, without hidden costs. Mindful of your investment, we know how to provide you with solutions adapted to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our know-how or to come to visit our factory in China. We are ready to listen to assist you in your sub-contracting project in China.

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